Kentuckiana Mensa is the local group of American Mensa, covering central Kentucky and part of southern Indiana. The sole requirement for joining Mensa is a verified IQ in the top 2% of the population. For more information about testing and prior evidence verification, please see the “Join” section of the American Mensa website.


Kentuckiana Mensa is one of more than 100 local groups in ten geographic regions of American Mensa. There is also a non-geographic region, Isolated Ms, that serves members who are too geographically isolated to participate in the activities of their geographic region, such as Monthly Gatherings, SIG meetups, and Regional Gatherings. Kentuckiana Mensa hosts several activities regularly, but does not host a Regional Gathering at this time. Several nearby groups do, though, and we encourage our members to attend!

American Mensa also hosts an Annual Gathering, usually on or near the Fourth of July holiday. The location changes each year, so it’s a great way to see the country while making new friends and visiting old ones. Louisville has been the host city for two AGs, most recently in 2015.

Shana at AG 2015Shana presenting her talk Re-Forming the Body at the 2015 Annual Gathering.

American Mensa is part of Mensa International, which is the parent organization for all Local, Regional, and National Groups of Mensa. Membership in Mensa International comes with membership in American Mensa, and joining their online community is simple once your online account with American Mensa is set up.