Kentuckiana Mensa is located in Region 3 of American Mensa, which covers Ohio and parts of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.


Kentuckiana Mensa, group 03-400 in purple on the map above, covers all of central Kentucky as well as a few counties in central southern Indiana. While this is the home group of any member who resides in our geographic area, any member may opt into another local group if it better suits their needs. It is not necessary to be a member of a local group in order to attend their events; but it is considerate to inquire before attending, as some groups use dues money to subsidize their Monthly Gatherings or have space limitations, etc.

Bluegrass Mensa
Covers most of eastern Kentucky, including Lexington

Cincinnati Area Mensa
Covers Cincinnati and the adjacent counties of Indiana and Kentucky
CAM holds a Regional Gathering in early December

Central Indiana Mensa
Covers most of central and southern Indiana as well as western Kentucky, including Indianapolis, Evansville, and Paducah
CIM hold a Regional Gathering in late January

Middle Tennessee Mensa
Covers central Tennessee, including Nashville

Moving from city to city like the Annual Gathering, MindGames is an American Mensa event where members play new board games to determine which will win the “Mensa Select” seal. Participation is limited, so registering early is encouraged.

Played by teams in their local group locations, this trivia contest has been a Mensa favorite for many years. Register January – March to compete in the April competition.

Chicago Area Mensa holds a Regional Gathering on or near Halloween each year. It is the largest Mensa gathering in the country other than the Annual Gathering.

Information about many other Regional Gatherings around the country can be found on the American Mensa website.

International events can be found on the Mensa International Events page.